+Английский, вар 3 (Marketing and Advertising)
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+Английский, вар 3 (Marketing and Advertising)


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Контрольная работа №3
Вариант 3
1. Задайте к предложению общий, специальный, альтернативный и разделительный вопросы, запишите их и письменно переведите.
A success in business depends on several factors.

2. Трансформируйте предложения в страдательный залог, запишите их и письменно переведите полученные предложения.
1. Mr. Kelly brought up the matter of guarantee period.
2. We have already informed them about the prices and terms of payment.
3. With the development of economic ties among the countries people do a great volume of business by male.

3. Перепишите, вставляя вместо точек нужные по смыслу предлоги, и переведите предложения.
A plant … Moscow started producing new equipment. The equipment is … high quality and many companies are interested … buying it. The plant has already received a lot … orders … it. This week they have received one more inquiry … this equipment. The Buyers would like to come … Minsk to have talks … the sales manager … the plant … buying the equipment.

4. Перепишите и письменно переведите текст.
Marketing and Advertising
Marketing is a creative process of satisfying customer needs first. The information you are interested in is if there is any demand for your goods, what the market potential is, what sort of competition you will need, i.e. how the price of your goods compares with other competitive products including those produced locally, local conditions, local trading customs and habits, what seasonal factors should be taken into account.
But in general marketing covers not only market research, but also planning the assortment of goods, and consequently the production itself, price policy, advertising and promotion of sales, controlling the sales and post-sales servicing.
So marketing is a system of running all the business activities of a company with respect to coordinating supply and demand for the goods produced.
Marketing helps to coordinate the production and circulation of goods for the benefit of people and for covering all their needs.
Advertising is an important means of promoting goods and services. There are specialized firms dealing with advertising.
Different kinds of mass media – TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and posters – are used for advertising goods. Special leaflets, booklets and other printed matter about goods may be distributed among potential buyers. Participation in fairs and exhibitions promotes goods as well.


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