Английский язык. Часть 3. Власова Т.М.(ДВФУ)
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Английский язык. Часть 3. Власова Т.М.(ДВФУ)


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Ответы на тест ДВФУ(бывший ДВГУ) программа тестиования Дидактор
Английский язык. Часть 3. Власова Т.М.
0345.00 Английский язык. Часть 3.-2005
Полный список вопросов тут http://kiltest.net/sp/dvgu/0345.00_Angliiyskiiy_iazyk._CHast_3.-2005(english3.dat).html

----- in business, you need to take a few risks - calculated (просчитанные) risks, of course.
---- tabloids (бульварная пресса) or national newspapers?
----- your memory you´ll need to take an active role.
( to exhaust) by his work he threw himself on the bed.
( to find) the treasures, they began quarrelling about how to divide it.
( To support ) by her elbow, Mary listened to their talk.
( to write) long ago the manuscript was illegible.
( Будучи ребенком) he could speak German well.
( Когда его спрашивают) he always keeps silence.
( Когда сдал) the finals well Peter was offered a good job.
( Приехав) in the hotel she found a telegram awaiting her.
( Пытаясь) to lock the door she broke the key.
( Устав) I didn´t feel like going out.
(Когда я шел) to the busstop, I met my former chief.
___ by her beauty, he couldn´t help looking at her.
___ by the doctor to go to the south, she decided to spend her leave in Sochi.
___ in very bad handwriting, the letter was difficult to read.
___ of the arrival of the ship, they sent a car to the port.
____ at it this way, the affair is not serious.
____ in St. Peterburg he visited the Hermitage.
____ to tis native town he rang up all his old friends.
____ very ill, she could not go to school.
_____ my work I went out for a walk.
_____ no letters from him she called him.
_____ the letter the mananger asked the secretary.
_____ tired he did want to do anything.
______ alone in a strange city you may feel at a loss.
______ this text I found many interesting expressions.
______ to discuss that difficult problem, he changed the conversation.
_______him she turned pale.
_______never in himself, he could not understand what was happening.
_______of wood their country house was warm enough.
______for the interview, he could answer all the questions.
______through the journal I put it aside.
_____a handkerchief over his knees, he began to eat.
_____for some time in the hall, he was invited into the drawing room.
_____her he raised his hat.
1.6 billions gallons of Coca-Cola ______ every Year, in over one hundred and sixty countries.
A big Christmas tree _____ in Trafalgar Square a week ago.
A lot of people were ____ for the London train.
A lot of water has ____ since that day.
A new bridge_______near Nakhodka by March.
A new part of the world _____ America after Amerigo Vespucci.
A very beautiful folk song _____ when I came into the hall.
A woman _____ in black came in.
Adam used the $40,000 schorlarship ----- physics at Harvard.
Alaska _____ from Russia by about 50 miles across the Bering Strait.
All the boys hurried ----- out of water.
All the time I felt that I was being ____ .
Allison had ____ to change before that.
America _____ by Columbus in 1492.
America´s first college, Harvard, _____ in Massachusetts in 1636.
Ann said ___ wait for her.
April Fool´s Day _____ for the last few years in Russia too.
As a child I was ____ what was right
As it is known, the Declaration of Independence ________ in 1776.
Ask mother. She´ll tell you ----- .
At the airport your ticket & luggage _______ .
At the chemistry lesson we learned that oil ___ lighter than water.
At the Institute the students ______ many different subjects.
Australia _______ by Captain Cook.
Be careful. The switch is very dangerous.
Billions of bottles and cans of Coca-Cola ______ since 1895.
Books ( прочитанные) in childhood seem like old freinds.
But if you´re trying to make Audie MacDowell ----- with you, it´s not so good.

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