Английский язык. Часть 4. Власова Т.М.(ДВФУ)
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Английский язык. Часть 4. Власова Т.М.(ДВФУ)


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Ответы на тест ДВФУ(бывший ДВГУ) программа тестиования Дидактор
Английский язык. Часть 4. Власова Т.М.
0668.00 Английский язык. Часть 4.
Полный список вопросов тут http://kiltest.net/sp/dvgu/0668.00_Angliiyskiiy_iazyk._CHast_4.(English4-New.dat).html

----- your memory you´ll need to take an active role.
(Having finished) the article he stood up to have tea.
(To exhaust) by his work he threw himself on the bed.
(To find) the treasures, they began quarrelling about how to divide it.
(To support) by her elbow, Mary listened to their talk.
(To write) the manuscript was difficult to translate.
(When speaking) Italian he often makes mistakes.
(Будучи ребенком) he could speak German well.
(Когда его спрашивают) he always keeps silence.
(Когда сдал) the finals well Peter was offered a good job.
(Когда я шел) to the busstop, I met my former chief.
(Приехав) in the hotel she found a telegram awaiting her.
(Пытаясь) to lock the door she broke the key.
(Устав) I didn´t feel like going out.
___ by her beauty, he couldn´t help looking at her.
___ by the doctor to go to the south, she decided to spend her leave (отпуск) in Sochi.
___ in very bad handwriting (почерк), the letter was difficult to read.
___ of the arrival (прибытие) of the ship, they sent a car to the port.
____ at it this way, the affair is not serious.
____ in St. Peterburg he visited the Hermitage.
____ to his native town he rang up all his old friends.
____ very ill, she could not go to school.
_____ a handkerchief (носовой платок) over his knees, he began to eat.
_____ for some time in the hall, he was invited (пригласить) into the drawing room (гостинная).
_____ her he raised his hat.
_____ my work I went out for a walk.
_____ no letters from him she called him.
_____ the letter the mananger asked the secretary.
_____ tired he did want to do anything.
______ alone in a strange city you may feel at a loss (рестеряться).
______ for the interview, he could answer all the questions.
______ this text I found many interesting expressions (выражений).
______ to discuss that difficult problem, he changed the conversation.
_______ him she turned pale (бледнеть).
_______ of wood their country house was warm enough (достаточно).
______through the journal I put it aside (отложить в сторону).
A lot of people were ____ for the London train.
A lot of water has ____ since that day (с того дня).
A woman _____ in black came in.
All the time I felt that I was being ____ .
As a child I was ____ what was right
Ask mother. She´ll tell you ----- .
Be careful. The switch is very dangerous.
Books (прочитанные) in childhood seem like old freinds.
Can you smell something ______?
Coffee has just been ____ .
Deeply (глубоко) _____I left them.
Did anyone ----- the house?
Did you have you hair (to cut) yesterday?
Did you see in what direction the man (стоящий) here went?
Do you know ----- to Mike´s house?
Don’t forget ----- me money.
Entering the corridor keep looking (держитесь) to the right.
Everybody knew the Earth is round.
Everything has been ____ already.
Everything must be ____ .
George´s ____ to his family recently (недавно).
Go to the shop and ask the man (стоящего) there to show you the way.
Have you ever ____ about future?
Having _______ his homework, he went to the park.
He found his bicycle ____ on the grass.
He had a good practical knowledge of the language, ____ as an (в качестве) interpreter for many years.
He has ____ all the great singers in London and Paris.
He has ____ here all his life.
He has already ___ to her about it.
He knew the problem had been ____.
He knows I´m ____ here.
He looked (upset).
He looked at half-(наполовину) ______ dinner.
He looked at the carpet ____ for her answer.
He looks healthy. I´m s

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